As we enter the last month of 2019, I’m taking a moment before the festivities hit full-swing to reflect upon what a great year it was — for design and for me personally. I have been so fortunate to be part of national design groups which connect me with people around the country, and my trips to both spring and fall market left me not only inspired but also energized. The market is like a party where I can reconnect with colleagues. So while I was soaking in the warmer color palette, the channel back furniture, the use of color, lacquered pieced and remaining presence of brass, I was also strengthening my connections with new friends.

Kohler holds a special place in my heart. They invited me to part of their inaugural designer’s advisory board, which is made up of a group of 14 designers from around the U.S. and Canada who excel at design. I have been so inspired and a little jealous of their amazing work. It’s an awesome experience to work with a collection of such talent. As a bonus, this group is beyond fun. And as if that’s not enough, Kohler is showcasing their amazing family-run business for us as we give them feedback about what works in our projects. It’s truly been a highlight.

We received lots of press, which is a really fun by-product of good projects. I was beyond honored to be included in House Beautiful, Country Living, In Kansas City, Today, and Spaces this year. I am humbled and grateful for these opportunities.

We also moved into a new space at 123rd and State Line. I’m thrilled to have more room, an office for myself, a parking lot and lots of natural light. Come by and see us!

On a personal note, my firstborn left for college this year! How this happened so fast I have no idea, but she is living her best life. She is giddy, which makes me so happy. Drew and I are settling into our routine and I’m loving that too. We get more one-on-one dinners, which may not be his highlight of the week but it certainly is mine! I’m lucky that I like my kids and that they make me laugh. Knock-on-wood they don’t do anything crazy to make that change. For now, life is good.

And because I too am living my best life, I took some trips of a lifetime. Ellie’s graduation present was a trip to Paris and London with my mom and me. The whole family went to Mexico with our dear friends and travel buddies, the Wheelers. For work, I hit Kohler, Wisconsin; Providence, Rhode Island; Atlanta, Georgia; High Point, North Carolina; and Palm Beach, Florida. Not a bad year for someone who can’t get enough travel.

So here is a collection of pictures that inspired me this year. Looking forward to 2020.

The Blue Print store featured their new line of furniture at High Point. It was High Point highlight for me.

Windy O’Connor was another vendor that I couldn’t get enough of at market.  She was cute and sweet as pie which makes me love the brand even more. I can’t wait to place her art and fabrics.

Smith-Honig had lots of color which always pulls at my heartstrings.  Their worldly travels made for a fun, colorful collection of fabrics and product.

Highland House Furniture is and continues to be the showroom to beat.  It’s beautiful.  I adore their furniture and well edited collection of fabrics.

I met Wesley Moon at the Kohler’s advisory council.  He is fun, honest, and an amazing designer.  He is killing it right now and this newest feature is to die for.

I’ve long known Kohler for their amazing plumbing fixtures but I have loved seeing the community this company has created.  The family-owned company has everyone working their feeling and acting as if they are family.  There is such a sense of working for a common goal that can’t be seen in ads but can certainly be felt in Kohler Wisconsin.  I’m excited to see their new visions come to life.

Paris = Love.

Can’t help but put some of my loves in the post.  Go Wildcats.

Jessica Gordon, my senior designer, celebrated many wins this year.  Here we were collecting our award for one of Kansas City’s fastest growing companies.


We celebrated our new space with an open house.  I only seem to plan invite celebrations when there is severe weather.  It’s a curse.  But despite the tornado warnings we had a great crowd and we love our space.

It was such an honor be part of Esteem Media’s Design Blogger’s Tour.

Newport Rhode Island was as fantastic as it was in my head.  I loved my time at the Genius Exchange and getting to  know Julia Kirkendall.

Mexico with this crew for the 4th year?  I love this crew and Mexico.

Grateful and happy to see Kansas City’s women owned businesses thrive.  Porter Teleo brought samples of their handprinted wallpapers to our office.  We drooled.  Also excited for Ampersand, Tamara Day, Novella Brandhouse, Wineberger Fine Art, Jennifer Bertrand Design and more!

A Kohler trip started with a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.  One of my favorite museum trips of all time.  Really worth the trip.

A collaboration with Wilson Lighting has great things to come in 2020, and this setting we designed in their Overland Park showroom was a fun project.

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