Daring Prairie

An Interior Design New Build by Noble Designs, Kansas City

This new build was a labor of love.  The clients had been planning for 7 years when we were brought on the project.  It was built on family land and the clients took their time to get the vision and budget for the project.  They wanted a modern home that was not sterile and felt like a family home.  Custom light fixtures were designed for the large spaces in the home.  The basement was created to fit a custom table that fits 18. A catering kitchen was created just off this entertainment space and the elevator was located to give the chefs the best access to create their meals.  An indoor pool was created for family fun and entertainment.  Every detail was considered with the clients in mind.  The result is an aesthetic that feels modern and cozy and accommodates the family’s hobbies like cooking, wine collecting, and beekeeping.

Location: Kansas City, MO

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