Belleview Refresh

An Interior Design Refresh by Noble Designs, Kansas City

This project held a special place in my heart.  Before I even walked the space, I felt I knew the family because I had worked with his parents.  I had heard about their kids as my previous client bragged about her grandkids.  So when we got the call to work on the “next generation” I was thrilled.  I knew my wonderfully kind clients had to create kind kids and now we got to work for them!

This house is a gem in a great neighborhood – but like many old homes, it had spots that were tight on space.  We were challenged with updating the living room and incorporating their love of making craft cocktails.  For her office, we needed to create a workspace that functioned well for the new life of working from home, while also holding other functions like overflow clothes and jewelry storage, as well as a TV and an ironing board.

Very thoughtful custom storage was created for both spaces, as well as some big statement design elements such as the wallpaper mural in her office.  I’m really quite proud of the outcome and grateful not only to his parents, but to him and his wife for being equally fabulous.

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