I love to discover new places and I’ve done just that this summer.  It’s probably been a bit too much, but I loved every second of it. I thought I could share some photos and design trends I saw while exploring.


This was my graduation gift to Ellie.  We talked my mom into going, so the Willer women were off and we had a ball.  Interesting notes…Ellie is of legal drinking age in Europe which created a weird first for us.  Another first was our hair blow outs in London.  A bit of a fail but we laughed so hard we’re counting it as a win.  Mom entertained us with her airport antics.  It was a fantastic trip.

Design Paris:

Paris was très chic.  The high-end cloth showrooms had art and architecture that I would love to bring back and use.

Design London:

This seemed more like a European NYC to me.  The restaurants and bakeries were all-in when they committed to a design demonstrating that repetition has impact.


This family trip was a completely different kind of trip.  It was lazy and relaxing with no agenda.  And as you would imagine, the decor was worlds apart from Europe.  

Design Mexico:

The use of bold colors are everywhere.  The lush landscape which seems to be painstakingly maintained by a large crew was impeccable.  The use of durable stone made the sand and saltwater seem insignificant.

Rhode Island:

This was a work trip with an extra day tacked on for fun.  The work trip was so beneficial for me. It’s hard to tell if my love of Rhode Island is really that of the location or just the feelings I found while I was there.  The work was in Providence but the fun day was in Newport.  

Newport Design:

The seaside area we explored before going to the The Breakers, the Vanderbilt mansion, was exactly as I hoped.  It was preppy and classic and seaside cool. There were lots of navy, pink, stripes, lobsters and surf boards.  Even the Starbucks was quaint.  The Breakers was a site to be seen.  The mansion and scenery dripped in wealth and the craftsmanship was fun to see and imagine how it was created 1893.

So that wraps up my summer travel.  A good run for sure.  Now I’m focused on getting my baby to college.  How did this happen?!

The incredible boutique of Carolina Herrera, Paris.

Can food be tres chic? I think so! More than pretty Paris pastries…

See what I mean about “all in?”

Sketch, London
From tea room to cocktails, one of he most beautiful restaurant’s in London.

Welcome to London! The ultra chic and the rich history were intoxicating.

A stop in Notting Hill!

Peggy Porchen’s in London more than satisfied our sweet tooth!

Even Anthropologie was super stylish.

Bienvenidos! Welcome Mexico. Our lobby greeting.

Vivid, bold and beautiful! Spice for the eyes.

Some Mexican whimsy!

Fantastic east coast charm.

My quaint Providence hotel.

Treasure everywhere.

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