As I sit down to write my ideas on interior design, I was thinking about what it is that I have to convince clients into these days.   And the easy answer is working with color.  I have 90% of my clients say that want timeless.  They don’t want to be changing their decor all the time.  What I find funny about this is that most people do change their decor regularly.  It may not be a large renovation but I think many of us like to shop, dream, and feel a change in our home.  It may just be changing out pillows, or it may be repainting a room, but we welcome change.

I love color so it’s easy for me to use it.  I think it can give instant drama.  I often create a neutral backdrop and then add in pops of color here are there.  My own house has white walls, white cabinets, a white chair and sofa. However, if you see my home, you wouldn’t think of it as lacking color.  I have colorful art, pillows, lamps and wallpaper.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of using color successfully.  The images I am sharing have some of the most positive feedback of the ones we share on Instagram. If you love these images too, but are scared to do it yourself, call me!

wallpaper, color, blue

This accent wall in my kitchen is a great place to bring in a colorful, bold wallpaper. It’s easy to change out in 7 years when I’m ready for something new.


Wallpaper is one my favorite mediums.  It makes a space dramatic, unique and custom.  And it’s not as hard to change out as you think.

wallpaper, peter dunham, hanging chair, color

This bedroom has this fun wallpaper on just the bed wall. Pair that with blue drapes, and we have magic!


wallpaper, powder room

Wallpapering a powder room is one of the easiest ways to make real impact on the design of your home.


Paint is easy to do to bring in color. Mix it with some fun fabrics for a really vibrant color combination.


paint, fabric, color

We chose a vibrant blue for the walls and then accented with kelly green for a beautiful little jewel box of an office.


painted ceiling, red, blue, bedroom, color

A painted ceiling can be a really fun way to bring in color.


Choose a bold fabric and use it sparingly, or use it everywhere 🙂  Here, I did just parts of a chair for a large impact.


bold fabric, Christopher farr, chair

I used a bold print that combined scale and color to create one dramatic piece. The sides of the back of the chair are wrapped in a solid.


bold fabric, chair, color

Here, I used a bold fabric to wrap the outside of the chairs. It makes the statement for the room.


Have fun with color, it can add personality and fun to your space.  Be sure and subscribe to our blog and share with your friends.  And finally, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @nobledesigns for daily inspiration.




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