At Noble Designs, our designers have come to be known for two things: modern classic style and lots of color! Designing with pops of color brings drama, interest, and personality to the home. However, it can be intimidating to leave safe grays and whites for daring bursts of color. Learn how to embrace the latest 2022 color trends with us as we share 10 ways to add color to your home this year.

10 Ways to Embrace 2022 Color Trends in Your Home

Here are 10 ways to add color to your home, whether you want to go big or start small.

1. Statement Lamps

Bold statement lamps are a great option to bring in color (and light) to any room in the home. When choosing a statement lamp, pay attention to scale. A larger lamp will create a more significant impact and add a bigger pop of color.

White Dining Chairs

2. Accent Pillows

While we love bright colors, we can’t pass up a beautiful white sofa. Accenting a neutral piece with bold accent pillows is a great way to bring color and pattern to a room. Bright colors need a landing zone, and a neutral sofa is a perfect place to ground them.

3. Cozy Bedding

The Noble Designs team recommends starting with neutral bedding and layering in rich accents. Begin with white linens and coverlets, and then choose bold fabrics for accent pillows, throws, and even an upholstered headboard.

Contemporary Living Room

4. Vibrant Artwork

Vibrant artwork can completely change the look and feel of a space. First, select a statement piece or create a grouping of different works to form a gallery wall. From there, use the art as your color inspiration and pull colors from the selections to use on accent pillows, rugs, and accessories.

5. Bright Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great medium to bring in color, pattern, and even texture. Thousands of options and custom prints allow for endless design opportunities. When it comes to wallpaper, our designers believe that more is more! Wallpaper the entire room to create a big impact and lasting impression. Some of our favorite wallpaper brands include Schumacher and Christopher Farr. If you are going to invest in wallpaper, hire a professional to install it correctly.

Contemporary Living Room

6. Fun Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are a fun and low-risk place to experiment with color and pattern. Powder rooms are often small, so you can choose exciting materials without breaking the budget. And while you may tire of bright colors in the living room, you aren’t spending all your time in the powder bath. So feel free to make your most daring design choices here.

Contemporary Living Room

7. Elegant Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms are often placed right off the main entry. Bring color to the dining room with bold wallpaper, accent chairs, or draperies. In this dining room, we went with bright fuchsia accent chairs that stand out from the backdrop of white walls.

Dining Room Textiles

8. Unexpected Ceilings

Are you trying to find the next place to add color to your home? Just look up! Accent ceilings are an unexpected design feature that draws the eye up and makes your ceiling height feel taller. Wallpapered and painted ceilings are great options for bedrooms, dining rooms, and entryways. Also, consider adding gold leaf paper on the ceiling to reflect your light fixture and create a warming glow.

9. Colorful Bathroom Tile

When adding color throughout the home, the bathroom is no exception! Accent tiles are a great way to add pops of color to areas like shower nooks. Remember that installing tile is a much bigger commitment than tossing throw pillows on the sofa. Pay attention to scale, color, and pattern to make an intentional choice that you will love for years to come.

Dining Room Textiles

10. Eye-catching Kitchen Backsplash

Make mealtime even more enjoyable with an eye-catching kitchen backsplash! Select tiles that complement your cabinet and countertop choices, and don’t be afraid to go bolder on the backsplash in white kitchens. Tile is a great way to bring in color, movement, and personality. Some of our interior designers’ favorite brands include Ann Sacks and StoneImpressions.

Contemporary Living Room

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